Trump Nominates the Anti-Ginsburg for Supreme Court

Washington, D.C. Senate Republicans are all aglow following Trump's Friday nomination for Supreme Court Justice to not only replace the late RBG but to fill her seat with someone with polar opposition to her ideals.


Florida Man Announces Plans to Invoke Squatter's Rights

Washington, D.C. During a press conference on Sept. 24, a Mar-a-Lago resident was televised live denouncing plans to vacate his summer home in the nation's capital, citing "squatter's rights", as Election Day is nigh.


McDonald's Introduces the Notorious B.I.G. Mac Burger

Oak Brook, IL After the release of the Travis Scott burger, named for the world-renowned American rapper, McDonald's announced on Sunday it would release a new limited-time-only menu item named for the late, great Biggie Smalls.


Microsoft Unveils Successor to Windows OS at Virtual Conference

Redmond, WA Microsoft CEO Satya Nadella announced Sunday that it would end development of its flagship product, the Windows operating system, in preparation for the release of its new system, Doors 1.0 Service Pack 1.